Revision of waste

You are a sole proprietor, but you have been suspected of having a waste problem in your establishment for some time now? So you need to contact someone who could solve such a defect as quickly and well as possible? Call a waste review!
Revision of waste

That's what you really need in such a situation! Repairs, maintenance, revisions, tracing… This is just a brief list of services that can serve you. So if you are experiencing any problem, let yourself help from experienced people. Call a waste review!
Revision of waste not only in Prague

The revision of the waste is appropriate, as its name implies, especially as a preventive element. Prevention should definitely not be underestimated. Avoiding problems is really necessary if we want to save your nerves and your wallet!

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Become a member of the Assembly team

Would you like to become a member of the team and earn the installation of plastic Windows? Do you have enough experience and want to become a member of the Assembly team? You can go into it together with us. We welcome all who understand this issue. The distinctive above standard for us is mainly those who also have the experience of Brickworks and are able to perform finishing brickwork, for obvious reasons are also very desirable those who have a painting experience.
Cooperation for skillful and skilled tradesmen
We offer cooperation on new orders for skilful and skilled tradesmen. If you are skilled, industrious and have a lot of experience, but you do not have enough time to hunt for your own projects, join us and we will go together.

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Roof windows Bet on a quality that is supported by quality processing of high-quality materials and guaranteed by excellent as

Roof windows

Check the benefits of combining highly durable materials and excellent customer service, which will be given to you by a qualified team of a stable company that offers unequivocally positive attitudes towards your specific requirements. Get a window-measuring project that boasts 100% optimal profiles and a combination of glazing to provide the best properties for the roof windows.
No structural deficiencies

The specialised company can make roof windows that are functionally perfectly set and offer an attractive view from the interior and exterior.

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In the workplace

The company Autoglass Prague specializes in the replacement, installation and repair of glass parts of vehicles. It is a company that has almost twenty years of experience with the provision of this type of service and its professional approach and high proficiency is among those that clients can rely on completely.
For replacement and assembly, the specialists of the specialised service of the car glass Prague use exclusively branded products of the world's best manufacturers. This, along with the level of work done, guarantees maximum quality.
The offer of services of the company Autoglass Prague is the replacement, installation and repair of front, side and rear glazing of passenger, truck and construction vehicles. If you have a problem, contact the company's specialists and they will always find a quick solution.

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It is a purely natural product

If the menopause has been life-threatening for some time and you are considering going to the doctor for advice, then know that we will also be able to advise you. A natural product is now available in stores without a prescription. The preparation is composed only of plants that supply the body with the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals.

Say goodbye to all the adverse symptoms caused by menopause. The natural product, which is also available in our online store, performs very quickly, so you will feel an improvement in your condition within a short period of time. We guarantee a refund for dissatisfaction. Don't hesitate to order a unique product today.


The menopause will no longer make your life more unpleasant. Because the product offered is based on a natural basis, it does not cause any side effects and does not burden the female organism. It mainly helps to maintain the level of hormones in the body and thereby prevents unpleasant symptoms of menopause.

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Quality Entertainment

Quality entertainment can take different forms. For some, it is a social game, for another it is watching TV or some good movie, and another person will say that quality entertainment is only at the computer. But some people do not have to have them strictly and sometimes they take a little bit of everything. Would you like to dive into a virtual world at least for a moment, in which you will be able to do what you want? That's why games are online for you so you can meet those dreams.
Drive it to the fullest
Play as you can, enjoy who you are in this virtual world, in a fantasy world. You will see that you will not get bored because it does not work on our portal. Games there is so much that a person's eyes pass and those categories from which to choose, it then you do not know where to dig. Enjoy your fun properly!

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Female hormones change

With years of age, each woman encounters a period when her body passes through hormonal transformations. The ovaries cease to function, the menstruation omits. It occurs sweating, headache, vomiting, nausea, poor sleeping, joint pain. May start with osteoporosis, thyroid gland problems. The Climacterium, however, every woman experiences differently.
They survived our grandmother and moms at a time when they did not have so many supportive means and advice to eliminate the problems and the course of Klimakteria. The modern woman survits the climacterium preferably without difficulty, because it is ready.
Hormonal treatment
Some of the women reach for the recommended hormonal treatment, which suppresses the climacteric manifestations, others try out hormonal yoga, replacing hormone therapy. Klimakterium is simply part of the life of a mature woman and makes us look for a path to harmonize and manage this life stage. Herbs and food supplements are a pretty good way to help you get to this goal.

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Shimmy Rhinestones, colorful color composition

Choose the kind of babies ' earrings, which are many varieties in our varied menu. Only with us, choose them and that, according to your specific wishes, tastes and requirements, not only on their overall image. Believe that you will surely very much delight their glitiful variants, which are in the beautiful composition of their colorful stones. So look at our great range of beauty for the youngest.
Choose their modern style
Choose such types of earrings for babies, which are not only very beautiful, in the color composition of their types of stones, but also choose the size or shape proportions that will fit you in the eye, already at first glance. Only in our offer you have very wide possibilities to diversify the image of your smallest ladies from an early age.

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Don’t do what you can’t

Do you have problems with the gallbladder? So it's high time to do something about it! Either you can practice according to a variety of instructions on both the gallbladder diet, and you will add a few good recipes to our great-grandmother's spice and drink herbal teas. When you follow the prescribed diets and drink herbs, it is quite possible that you will have a relatively calm. If, however, you already have gallstone, or even sand, or tiny rhinestones in the gallbladder, then it is a risk. The stone still comes out, but the tiny grains can loosen and clog the bile ducts. Then followed either the rapid intervention of a professional, or rupture of the gallbladder and the same. The result is uncertain. Maybe you'll survive, maybe not. The solution?
Get to the pros from the very first moment. Go to the doctor at the first difficulty. And do the same in other areas of life. Contact the Experts! We are specialists in sanitation and everything related to it. So if ever… Call Us!

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Work platforms for use in halls and enclosed areas

Many companies need to have a large number of goods in stock for their business, using large storage areas of many hundred square meters. In most cases, there are several shelves on goods inside these warehouses, ideal for counting the use of the platform.
Most of these companies do not need plateaus to their work, but they will save them with a lot of time on extraordinary occasions. The use of platforms is very varied and so it is possible that even your company will need one day. Just contact us and agree to rent them.

Company with ten years of tradition
We are a Czech company that has been operating on the market for 10 years. Our scope is activity in the field of supply and installation of security, telecommunication data and other electrical systems. In our work we routinely use work platforms and then only a little step to provide their lease.

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