Female hormones change

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With years of age, each woman encounters a period when her body passes through hormonal transformations. The ovaries cease to function, the menstruation omits. It occurs sweating, headache, vomiting, nausea, poor sleeping, joint pain. May start with osteoporosis, thyroid gland problems. The Climacterium, however, every woman experiences differently.
They survived our grandmother and moms at a time when they did not have so many supportive means and advice to eliminate the problems and the course of Klimakteria. The modern woman survits the climacterium preferably without difficulty, because it is ready.
Hormonal treatment
Some of the women reach for the recommended hormonal treatment, which suppresses the climacteric manifestations, others try out hormonal yoga, replacing hormone therapy. Klimakterium is simply part of the life of a mature woman and makes us look for a path to harmonize and manage this life stage. Herbs and food supplements are a pretty good way to help you get to this goal.