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Date: 4. 5. 2019 posted by: in: Uncategorized

Have you heard of problems with the founding of limited liability companies in the Czech Republic? The Czech Republic is one of the countries where this process is more complicated than anywhere else, although it has recently been an effort to change it. In case you do not want to participate in this process and still want to have your s.r.o. then use some of our Ltd. For sale.
If you want to use our unique services, then you have two options to choose from. The first is the establishment of a completely new company. In case you rush or just want a faster variant so for you we have Ltd. for sale in the form of ready-made. Ready-Mae means that the company is already created and in case of interest it is enough to change the name, seat etc.
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If you are interested in Ltd for sale please contact us on our website, where we have a free green line and advice, where we are happy to answer your questions.


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