Make money by selling ice cream

Date: 4. 5. 2019 posted by: in: Uncategorized

For many years, our company has been offering you high quality ice cream, which you and your customers will love! In addition to the classic ice cream, we also offer excellent draught ice cream, which is prepared according to traditional Czech recipes and available in several variants.
Draught ice cream is offered in several flavors, from traditional vanilla, chocolate or chocolate extra dark to fruit flavors such as strawberry or raspberry.
Try the unique neutral sorbet base
The draft ice cream is offered in three forms in our country. You can buy it either in a ready-made frozen form or in a powdered mixture that is ideal for traditional ice cream preparation. Completely new and as the only one on the market we offer you a third option-a neutral sorbet base in the form of a powdered mixture, from which you can prepare a large variety of delicious flavors according to your liking.