Really tasty ice cream

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Divide your tastes
It is known that the consumption of ice cream is influenced by the season. It grows, of course, in the summer, but many people will not resist the temptation in the winter, which will provoke a nicely decorated and arranged ice-cream dessert.
Unique Draught ice Cream
Ice creams, sorbets or products of our own confectionery production, which we have been supplying you from the year 1992 to your restaurants, confectioneries or cafes, are always made only from the highest quality ingredients.
Ice Creams and sorbets
In addition to the classic creamy or fruity ice cream, we also offer sorbets. Sorbets are generally lighter and less caloric than creamy ice cream. Some of our sorbets are made from very high quality fruits, so you can tell the difference from classic sorbets (fruit ice creams) not only in smell but also taste. In addition, they have a lower sugar content, no milk was used in their manufacture and gluten-free.